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Septic Tank and Cesspool Cleaning.

It is recommended to pump your tank every 3-5 years.  Avoid major system malfunctions that can lead to costly repairs and give us a call to see if you need your tank pumped.  Honey Dippers offers pumping services for all septic tanks, cesspools, and holding tanks.


Riser Installation.

Tired of digging up your tank every time you need to get it pumped . Call us today for a free estimate on getting a riser installed. No more digging or looking for a buried tank.



Baffle Repair.

Tank baffles are some of the most crucial parts of your septic system.  Occasionally they can deteriorate or fall off and need to be replaced.


Dosing Pump and Float Replacement

That dreaded sound of your septic alarm going off in the middle of the night. It can range from faulty electrical wires to a bad pump or floats.  We can handle all your dosing pump needs.


Drain Field Restoration

Drain fields issues can arise at anytime without notice. If you notice wet spots in your yard or slow drainage get ahold of us to see if we can help.  We use high pressure jetting and non-hazardous all natural bacteria to rejuvenate your field to get your field working properly again. Also offer sand mound jetting. 

Tank and Line Location

Need a tank located, or a line traced or inspected?  With our 200' camera we can locate your tank, inspect an old line, or trace a line.    


Clogged Lines

Honey Dippers is also able to open clogged drains or main lines. Weather it be an 1 1/2" sink drain to the main line leaving the house we have the equipment to unclog any drain. 

Minor Line Repairs and Excavation

We offer minor excavation services.  If you need a tank that is too deep uncovered or a broken line replaced we are here to help. Soon to be offering total system replacement.

If there's a service you require that you don't see listed here, give us a call!


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